I often question my sanity. Occasionally, it replies.

Since I can remember, I’ve always had this fascination with things that scare people to the point of almost piddling their britches. Don’t ask me why, it’s just that I like ‘the unknown‘. Do I fear it? Fuck yes. I sometimes crave a ridiculous horror movie, then while watching said cinematic adventure, I curse myself out knowing I will need to watch something like Full House after – just to get my mind off of my impending death.

Almost 30, and I still have some pretty unreasonable fears.

#1. The Basement Steps. It doesn’t matter what house I’m in, if I need to go to the basement/dungeon and risk my life for something, I can’t help but get that creeping feeling of something sitting in the shadows watching me… So, while holding my laundry basket or whatever the HELL I was dumb enough to go down there for, I SPRINT up those “stairs o’ death” and burst through the door before slamming it – knowing I was just a few seconds faster than the hideous creature…. This time. I don’t know if you grew up in my day, but Goosebumps made it pretty damn clear that there’s horrible shit in basements. Not to mention, Home Alone where the furnace was about to devour Macaulay Culkin WHOLE… And for the love of Ted, don’t EVEN get my started with “Are you afraid of the dark?”…. Hmph, now that I look back, my generation had some kickass shows – unlike today’s craptastic boob-tube. Take that, iCarly.

#2. Dangly Foot Bait. Picture this – you’re laying on your bed, reading an amazing novel that you’ve read now for the 5th time – when panic strikes. What if.. What if the monster under your bed just didn’t like child flesh? And it’s waited until you were just this right age to drag you under the bed to Hell – waited just for the right moment when you were comfortable with letting your freshly pedicured toes dangle dangerously over the edge…. Honestly, ladies (and men?) we’ve spent way too much damn money to let our cute little toesies go to waste in some horrible smelling monster mouth. Fo’ reals. As for me, I’ll keep my feet and all appendages up on my Walmart sheets where they belong. Not today, demon spawn from Hades. Not today.

#3. Darkness a.k.a. WTF IS THAT?! I don’t care how old you are, if it’s dark, you’re wondering whats going on around you. Is that my cat Mr Meowz, or is that Ted Bundy back from the dead to chop me into pieces and then do weird and oh-so-wrong things to my corpse?! Ah. Yes. The irrational fear of the dark.. They say that nothing is there at night that isn’t there during the day. Which I find to be complete shite, since cockroaches don’t come out during the day time, now do they, Genius? No. No, they don’t. I’m not sure if it’s just my extreme paranoid and neurotic brain kicking into overdrive, or if there’s some truth to this feeling… I’m sure many of you have the same intuition as my crazy ass does – but when the lights go out, I try to fall asleep as quickly as possible so my ADHD mind doesn’t freak out and make a killer clown out of a pair of J. Hubbs boxers hanging on the computer chair.

Either way, childhood fears have a way of rearing their ugly head at you in the most inconvenient moments. Even without the dark, I sometimes get nervous about walking down a huge flight of stairs with no basement attached to the end of it. What if I accidentally step wrong, and down I go and end up looking like Meryl Streep in ‘Death Becomes Her‘?

PS. It could happen. Right?


7 thoughts on “I often question my sanity. Occasionally, it replies.

  1. I AGREE! My dad always find it hilarious when I make my cousin brother switch off the lights whenever he’s staying over while I cuddle under the blankets quickly because let’s face it- if I put the blankets over my head, I’m obviously safe from evil(don’t ask). My cousin is 7 years old, he’s too young and inexperienced to be scared about these things. Maturity teaches you these feelings. That’s the little speech I have prepared everytime someone laughs at this routine of mine.


  2. This is entirely accurate. I still run to my bed for dear life. If I linger a bit, a monster, or a creepy AF demon child living under my bed will grab my legs! I’m 32 and I still cannot allow my feet to dangle, or even stand next to my bed in the dark!

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    • Like the post on Twitter I seen the other day – she’s scared of her kid now in the middle of the night thanks to the movie 28 days later, and fights the urge to round house kick her little girl in the hallway “What do you mean you want water, TINY SATAN?!”

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