Sp-sp-sp-spit it out, junior!

I go to outpatient 4 days a damn week, and of course like everyone else there, I feel waaaay more superior than each and every single ass sitting in those chairs. I sit there impatiently while ‘worksheets’ are distributed amongst either an uncomfortably small group of 4 people, or 20 heavily medicated adults are mushed into the “front-room”, which is much like the redheaded step child’s corner.



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I look just like that. I try not to – no, really. I fricken try, man. I drink about a pot of coffee to my face and shuffle my butt to the cab to travel two towns over to get to this place I call, ‘The Anti Drug Warehouse’. Anyways, I’m getting off topic – back to my story.

I have ADHD, pretty badly sometimes and I can’t help but start nitpicking at things I can’t control. Like, I’m sitting in Anger Management getting ANGRIER than all hell over the people in the room over-sharing. And I mean, oooooover-sharing. Like, 23 stops past sharing.

How was your weekend?

Oh, it was lovely. My mothers sisters brother Kenny came, bringing his girlfriend Tabby who claimed she looked the way she did due to horrible menstrual cramps, while all the while my brother Billy said no, she just has resting bitch face syndrome – right before my sister Carly Mae said Oh my God, like I totally have that too but only when Jerry tries to poke me with it in the middle of the night when I am clearly sleeping and not in the mood for any sort of nasty bits.

Blink. Blink.

I mainly get so pissed due to the fact that we have an hour to do “check-ins” and we have to go over it with everyone in the room, so if you take 32 minutes discussing ONE barbeque I will seriously lose my shit. Please be somewhat considerate and keep it to 5 minutes. HELL, keep it to 2 minutes – we got shit to do.

This isn’t all my life revolves around – yes, it’s crucial at the beginning, but I cannot wait to move past all this and just have my normal, crazy, somewhat chaotic life back. But for now, I’ll blog about it and tell everyone about how my journey has been so far, and how it’s only going to get better.


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